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  1. I am working on a AntiBot plugin and I recently added a reload command that calls my reload method.
    Code (Text):
        public void reload() {


            p = this;

    The method unregisterChecks() is suppose to cancel all tasks running by my plugin.
    Code (Text):
        private void unregisterChecks() {
    getProxy().getScheduler().cancel(Plugin) returns the amount of tasks canceled by the scheduler and my console prints out 0 which means that nothing is being cancel so something may be wrong with the way I scheduled my task.

    The task that I want to be canceled.
    Code (Text):
        private void registerChecks() {
            if (configuration.getBoolean(ConfigPaths.CHECKS_SAME_IP_ENABLED)) {
                getProxy().getScheduler().schedule(this, new Runnable() {
                    public void run() {
                        getProxy().getPluginManager().registerListener(AntiBot.p, new SameIPCheck());
                        for (ProxiedPlayer proxiedPlayer : AntiBot.p.getProxy().getPlayers()) {
                            if (proxiedPlayer.hasPermission("antibot.admin")) {
                                proxiedPlayer.sendMessage(new ComponentBuilder("ยป ").color(ChatColor.DARK_RED).append("Same IP check enabled.").color(ChatColor.RED).create());
                }, configuration.getInt(ConfigPaths.CHECKS_SAME_IP_ENABLE_DELAY), TimeUnit.SECONDS);
    Whole class if needed

    Note: All of this code is inside of which extends net.md_5.bungee.api.plugin.Plugin

    I may be missing something obvious so any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  2. (Typing from phone so keeping it short)
    Have you tried BukkitRunnable and calling its runTask something method to start it. Should be able to cancel those.
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  3. I am using the BungeeCord API for my plugin and don't want to have to compile bukkit with my plugin for people to run a BungeeCord plugin as it would make my plugin a big download and it just seems wrong to have to add a dependency for something like this.
  4. My bad, didn't notice this was in the BungeeCord department. I don't know shit about developing for BungeeCord so I'll leave it to someone else to try and help.

    Good luck!
  5. xD Regardless I appreciate your attempt to help.
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  6. Maybe store ScheduledTask object in variable? and cancel it on reload
  7. Yeah it looks like that's what I have to do if you look here
    I am using the first method and for some reason they don't add it to the tasks Object Map and remove it when it runs.

    Edit: Do you think it's worth submitting a pull request for this?

    Edit 2: Actually the first method just calls the second method but with the argument of 0 so it won't repeat anyways I am just going to store the task and cancel it that way.
  8. Well yes, but it's executing after a delay so you don't need period.
  9. If you want to cancel them all, try and store the ids or like ^^ said, the scheduled tasks in a set or list.
  10. Tux


    Try using the latest BungeeCord build, it fixes your original code.