Cannoning Broken?

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  1. So basically, all I need to do is blow up a watered cobble stone wall 4 times and it will bust without a hybrid, I have no clue why...

    NOTE: I got obsidian destroyer after..
  2. What exactly is happening? Is ObsidianBreaker not giving the block damage, or... ?
  3. Nothing to do with obsidian breaker.. You are only supposed to be able to blow up watered walls with a hybrid / sand stacker; however, for some reason it blows up the water wall without sand standing or a hybrid, just a regular cannon with about 4 hits.

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  4. There's a setting in ObsidianBreaker config.yml, and inside the blocks.yml, where you can toggle water-protection settings
  5. @IndieGuts
    This is my obsidian breaker config:
    Code (Text):
    # Configuration file for ObsidianDestroyer
    # Set LiquidMultiplier, Regen.Frequency or any ExplosionSource to -1 if you want to disable. Will also make blocks unbreakable. Set LiquidMultiplier to 1 if you want to bypass the function.
    # DropChance is measured in percent. Default in Minecraft was 30 (%), but is based on the explosion strength now.
    # BlockCracks interval is not recommended to be set over 15
    # BedrockBlocking decides whether bedrock will make blocks in a direct path behind it take damage (false) or not (true)

    BlastRadius: 2
    LiquidMultiplier: 2
    DurabilityChecker: '280'
    VoidProtector: true
    BedrockBlocking: true
    - Insert world name here
      DropChance: 0
      - '7'
      '49': 2
      '116': 2
      '130': 2
      Frequency: 10
      Amount: 1
      Enabled: true
      Interval: 5
      PRIMED_TNT: 1
      CREEPER: 1
      GHAST: 1
      WITHER: 1
    I think I got the wrong one.. Can you link me to the correct obsidian breaker plugin?
  6. The one I use(d) was on Bukkit, and it was taken down about 2 years ago
  7. @IndieGuts
    So what is the problem then? Does this happen automatically? Do I need something to fix this, like a plugin?

    The obsidian breaker plugin that I have doesn't edit the watering cannon, is there a plugin that I can find that does?
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  8. Shouldn't you have to sand stack in order to damage water walls anyways? It doesn't do this on my server..