Disguises Cannot cast AgeableWatcher to VillagerWatcher

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  1. I'm currently doing:
    Code (Text):
    Disguise d = new MiscDisguise(DisguiseType.VILLAGER);
    VillagerWater w = (VillagerWatcher) d.getWatcher();//Crash!
    and I get this error:

    Any ideas on what's happening?

    Also, I'm on 7.6.3 and "Fixed mob disguises being babys as default." isn't working for me. They always appear as babys if I don't change it in the code which, as you can see above, doesn't work (I'm using VillagerWatcher because I also want to set its profession)
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  2. libraryaddict


    Found the issue.
    Because of the changes to the package names, the class getter was checking for the wrong class.
    It will be fixed in next release which is a eta of a week, unless you need it sooner?
  3. Well... I think I could wait a week if it's needed. I can work on other parts of the plugin for now, and when it's out I'll continue working on the disguise part :)