Solved Cannot Connect To Database

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  1. Im asking bro. Cause most of them just open then close. Like they don't work :(
  2. It's not saying to open any of the files, read what it says. Create a file, save it somewhere, open cmd, write a couple of lines as administrator, after turning the service off and you're good to go. Follow the instructions on that page, actually read it.

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  3. CMD Doesn't work when I type crap in
  4. Is your MySQL running as a service on your windows system?

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  5. It's not running a service. It's not connected period like not at all. Idk what to do anymore.
    This makes no sense at all
    If I was in a Discord call with someone while sharing screens, this would be easier for me
  6. Read. The. Link. I. Sent. You.
    If it's running as a service you'll see it there
    The problem is incorrect password

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  7. It's not running as service.
    Screenshot (38).png
  8. Unless you've never connected to it before, then it's the fact you haven't set it up right. You need to download and install MySQL in that case.

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  9. I did install MySQL bro.
  10. It was running b4:
    Screenshot (33).png