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  1. Hey guys i just started my server on my server computer then went back on my laptop and i cant connect to the server. when im on the server computer then i just type in localhost and it works but when im on my laptop i type in my ip and it should work right? im on the same network so i dont need to port forward right?

    This is the error i get: connection refused: no further information:

    anyone know what i need to do to get the server going?
  2. Firewall? Did you port forward it correctly or are you using your network IP to connect?
  3. what exacly am i supposed to do in the firewall? i added new rules in the firewall where i opened a port. i cant access my router so i cant port forward. and i am using my network ip when im trying to connect
  4. Does the console outputs any error when you try to join?
  5. it does not say anything when i try to connect:/
  6. You have opened the port of the router?
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    Go on the server computer and find out what the IPv4 address is and write it down. Then on your laptop enter the server IPv4 address and the server port.

    For example:
    Say I am hosting a server and the IPv4 address of the computer hosting it is and the server port is 25565.
    On another computer, I would type in to connect to the server.
    If you are connecting to a server on the same network, you always use the IPv4 address and not the public IP address or it will not work. The public address would only work if you have port forwarded your router.
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  8. You need to port forward you server.

    If you're using a Mac, I can personally teach you step by step on how to port forward you server.

    If you're using a Windows, I will gladly link you to tutorials on how to port forward your server.
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    If you have Windows, I can give you further details if needed. If you have a Mac, @FinalScar can help you. As for Linux, you should be able to find some tutorials.
  10. Are the ports open in the firewall?
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    Please read the previous responses before posting.

  12. Inbound AND outbound ports open?
  13. Thanks man it worked!:D
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    You're welcome! :D