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Solved Cannot craft anything!

Discussion in 'Bugs & Feature Requests' started by freakdk, Mar 13, 2013.

  1. Hello

    Running lastest recommended spigot build (617), with snapshot protocol enabled.
    No one can craft anything, is there a fix?
    Every time you craft something and click it to get it in your inventory, it is returned to your inventory as the raw materials you used to craft it with.

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  2. Please ignore this.
    It seems as it was only related to the users that updated and recieved that weird error.

    It has been fixed now by Mojang.

    Wow easy now with the "disagrees" :-DIt is indeed not totally fixed no.
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  3. I am experiencing the Crafting Bug, too. You have to craft veeeeryyy slow and sometimes have to put the item out and in again,...
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  4. Confirmed. I have this affecting 100 clients currently.
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  5. Confirmed.
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  6. This is a bug in spigot not vanilla 1.5
  7. Yes, a bug in the Version of Spigot with snapshot protocol :) Because of this we are posting it here :D
  8. Same issue.
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  9. lol and i though people on my server were trolling me... guess its true .. opps
  10. Me too, I have the same problem. Need quickly update! Please.
    There is a plugin to craft with commands in the meantime?
  11. Indeed :(

  12. lmao same here people jumping in lava and killing their animal farms
  13. Yes it does appear that I have some users that have issues still.

    I tested this on a vanilla server 1.5, no issues (same counts for 2 of the users that are having issues).
  14. Same here.

    This issue + 500 players = madness
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  15. Me too... :(
  16. Oh crap.

    I just found out that it's possible to duplicate items
  17. how so!!!.....
  18. My players confirmed this, however they said the item disappears after some time.
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  19. Okay I think the duping bug might be a client-sided glitch.
    However, the crafting thing is really freaking my players out

    Nevermind, it's not client-sided.
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  20. Also duped some items.
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