Cannot installing BuildTools

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  1. Whenever i try to start the git on the buildtools everything works well
    in the end it says that the files are saved in the same folder of the jar but when i go into the folder nothing is there please help me thank you
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  2. Porblem... Might wanna fix your thread title. Also, there is no need to use caps, people will just ignore it.
  3. How is it now?
  4. It's probably your shell file, try inputting this above your script:
    Code (Text):
    cd /Path/To/Your/Directory
  5. I just started the git on the folder of the jar
  6. ssamjh


    tell us more,

    what operating system
    amount of ram
    maybe include a log

    just saying "it wont work" doesn't fix anything
  7. I dont have a log it does not appear
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    I think the user is saying that the console execution seems to work, but he cannot find the actual location of his files anywhere on his system.

    After you build Spigot using BuildTools, can you try typing ls -a and pwd? This might clarify a little bit more information.