Solved Can't break a anything in a random chunk

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  1. I'm running a little server for my friends but I recently encountered a full chunk that you weren't able to break any blocks in. The only way to break blocks in the chunk is by giving op to the players. I have no clue what is blocking.

    My plugins:
  2. We don't know either. We aren't on your server and don't have operator access to check anything.

    You need to provide more information.

    It's probably caused by ultraregions or clearlag
  3. I think this is because of your spawn protection range. non-op players can't break blocks in there.
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  4. I see now that probably should have provided more information sorry. I just didn't what information you need/what I could provide. I didn't know were the issue layed or had any log.

    I have looked at ultraregions and there aren't any regions in that area there is only global. The closets non-global region I a region that only prevents creature spawns.

    Thanks for the idea I forgot that spawn protection by the server I a thing in the config. It would also make sense since i have set my spawn in that area.

    As I can see in my lastest downloaded server.propeties that it is set to 16. Currently, my hosts game panel and FTP connection are down so I can't fix it but I'll try to set the property to 0 when gets up.

    Thanks for the help and sorry for the lack of information. This was my first post.
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