Can't break item frames.

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  1. Hello! I was hoping you guys could help me with a problem that recently occurred on my server.

    It started with my players being unable to get the dragon egg in end, then they couldn't break item frames in end to get the elytra's. I thought the world was corrupted so I simply made a new end world in which it worked. But now the same problem is occurring in spawn, and I have absolutely no idea whats going on. I don't get anything in the logs when a player tries to break an item frame.

    I tested placing down a torch and then placing sand over, the sand breaks but the blocks don't drop.

    list of my plugins: Bettersleeping
    Holographic Displays
    multiverse core
    Permissions Ex
  2. Hi, so it's complicated as its but here are the possibilities that I think are the most favorable. The worldguard zone which prevents you from interacting is therefore more of a permission problem. The protected area in is a protected area but against operators. A multiverse or server gamerule. Try removing the plugins one by one to see if it changes anything. If it helps you can rate me if psosible: D
  3. add to the post: seems like portals are messed aswell. this is a comment from one of my players

    the problem first one like the end, when you enter it takes you to the same coords in the Nether that the portal is in the overworld when it should be divided by 8 and then leaving it does take you 8x the coords away. The other problem is when you leave the Nether via portal, it takes you to I different world which I dnt really understand
  4. I did not really understand but a distance on the nether is multiplied by eight so you can not change anything on a. When it comes to remote reporting, I think you will teleport the world by default to the, I think Evaluate my message its would help me: D
  5. Is your spawn protected using worldguard?
    Otherwise make sure that spawn-protection is set to zero in your file