Can't build/break/interact

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  1. So one of my players brought this issue to my attention, he can't build, break, or open his chests and when he tries to, he gets the error "sorry but you are not permitted to do that here". I believe the issue may be with world guard however I have no clue how to fix it and it didn't happen in the past so I'm not sure what's up.

    (My server is 1.8.8)
  2. If you have EssentialsAntiBuild, remove that.. and EssentialsProtect.
  3. Only have spawn & chat.
  4. Is it inside a region they are trying to do that Also, screenshot ur plugins list
  5. It's in a world with zero regions, list attached.

    Definitely not the custom plugins so don't worry about those.
  6. Pretty sure that message is something to do with worldguard.. if youd eop yourself and remove perms / whatever (same as the member), does it give you the issue too?
  7. Could be the world region. I think it's called __global__ ( unsure)
  8. yeah, two _'s, global, two _'s
  9. So ye, check the flags for that and let us know :)
  10. What is Spawn-Protection in Server Properties?
  11. Spawn Protection is where non-ops can't build.
    Hope this helped :)
  12. That's usually why people can't build. He is In the spawn area.
  13. So essentially make it so the default no-region region of __global__ should allow building? I always thought with askyblock they're granted permissions to build on their island automatically/a region is made when the island is generated? @Tastybento

    Spawn-protection is set to 0.
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  14. Simple if it gets to a point your desperate, download plugman and unload each plugin 1 by 1 and see which causes the issue.
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  15. ASkyBlock doesn't use WorldGuard at all because the protection is internal. That error message comes from WG, so you should switch that off in the ASkyBlock worlds.
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