Can't connect to Server on VPN?

Discussion in 'Spigot Help' started by BotPro, Jun 6, 2015.

  1. Why can't I connect to my minecraft server when ever I'm ona vpn?
    I have lamp, java, phpmyadmin and fail2ban on my Ubuntu server.
  2. Which VPN are you using, and what provider is your actual Ubuntu server with? Some providers have ACLs at the edge to drop sketchy IPs, mostly those originating from China, Asia, etc.
  3. vpn:CyberGhost
    Server ProviderL OVH
  4. You should ask OVH if they are blocking VPN
  5. JamesJ


    OVH are most likely blocking the VPN, as OVH doesn't like VPNs (they think you're doing something you shouldn't be, even though there is usually a legitimate reason to be on a VPN -.-)
  6. Why would you need a VPN anyway its just a minecraft server
  7. No. You are completely wrong. Minecraft has completely great compression, so playing with a vpn will make next to no difference performance wise. They're many legitimate reason for wanting a VPN, including people sharing home network, so maybe something which looks like an alt isn't.
  8. Odi


    Which VPN are you using?
  9. i am using IPVanish and i dont have any problems with connecting servers that are benig hosted on machines of OVH
  10. If u want t good VPN that you can play minecraft servers with Try PrivateTunnel
  11. mojang on some nazi grind .. having same problem
    niggards (greedy) trying to cover it up with "InvalidCredentialsException"

    has anyone same problem ?
  12. I think the firewall of the ovh block the VPN try use other VPN, or if is you vps try change a iptables