Can't connect to server

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  1. User [email protected][id=a9b9b011-a205-41b2-9bc0-dfcfab7b226b,name=LilDevs,properties={textures=[[email protected]]},legacy=false] (HIDDEN has disconnected, reason: Server still starting up
  2. Is the server your own server?
    Do you can't connect to every server or just this?
  3. Code (Text):
    [[email protected]]},legacy=false] (HIDDEN has disconnected, reason: Server still starting up
    I can't understand why nobody does even read errors. There it is, in plain English.
    reason: Server still starting up
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  4. I believed the person have noticed it before and can not get ahead
  5. It mine and his, We know that it says still starting up, We just cannont connect at all, It keeps giving us message
  6. Do you can't connect to every server or just this?
    Is this a BungeeCord network or single spigot server? which version?
  7. It is a singlr server, and it is 1.8.8 spigot snapshot
  8. What for plugins are installed?
  9. We have 81 plugins
    01.06 16:02:04 [Server] INFO Plugins (81): KitsPreview, TreasurePets, PluginConstructorAPI, RevampedHealthBar, PlaceholderAPI, NeuralNetworkAPI, AltLimiter, WildStacker, MaxBans, Quests, AutoRestart, RevampedWelcome, NNSwearFilter, RevampedBounties, ViaVersion, MysterySpawners, RevampedChatCooldown, ChatColor, VoidTP, MonthlyCrates, AsyncWorldEditInjector, FirstJoinPlus, CombatLog, Essentials, SellWands, WarpGUI, RevampedTrading, ClearLag, Mobcoins, BuycraftX, WithdrawMcMMO, RevampedFreeze, LaggRemover, ProtocolLib, KitAdder, RevampedBroadcast, MVdWPlaceholderAPI, AsyncWorldEdit, Vouchers, RevampedSkulls, EssentialsChat, DeluxeMenus, RevampedDupes, PermissionsEx, CustomCrates, mcMMO, CS-CoreLib, Vault, KOTH, RevampedList, cManagement, EpicRename, MoneyPouch, Item2Chat, HideAndCustomPlugins, CoinFlip, AAC, AuctionHouse, EssentialsXMPP, EssentialsProtect, EssentialsGeoIP, EssentialsAntiBuild, RevampedStaff, ChatTags, EssentialsSpawn, AntiCrash, WorldEdit, PermissionTimer, RedeemMCMMO, Citizens, WorldGuard, CommandNPC, SilkSpawners, AntiCombatLogging, HolographicDisplays, ASkyBlock, ActionAPI, RevampedIslandTop, VoidSpawn, Multiverse-Core, AdvancedOreGen
    try it without AAC
  11. And it still does not work?
    Then backup every plugin and remove all to look if the problem is a plugin or not
  12. It works without AAC, but I want it to work with AAC.
  13. Do you have the newst version?
  14. Yes, I have the newest version
  15. Redownload AAC & update Protocollib
  16. I need an older version of protocolib for Holographics displays to work properly
  17. Yeah but try it, maybe it isn't the solution...