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  1. Hey everyone,
    I recently setup my own server, hosting on my laptop. After the setup i was able to join with my internal IP. I port forwarded 25565, and searched my external ip. I let Java binary through the firewall.... AND NOTHING. No one can join. I tried everything. I have about 6 to 7 friends waiting to join but no one can and im out of options. Anyone that can help?
  2. Check your IP's open ports. If the 25565 port is open check their login error and work of that. One other alternative would be a port proxying software such as ngrok, but keep in mind that the domain the players will have to use to connect to your server won't be that ideal and there will be increased latency.
  3. Thank you for your quick reply, i'm net exactly an expert at this stuff so could you maybe explain a bit more? How do I check my IP's open ports?
  4. Google open port checker, enter your IP address and the port you want to check. If the port is open for other users to connect it will return an answer such as "<port> is open on <ip>". If it returns "<port> is closed on <ip>" then your port is not open and other users couldn't join because of that.
  5. Alright thanks man, I'll try

    Edit: I tried it on 2 different sites. Both said my port (25565) was closed even after reportforwarding. Than i changed my port in the and tried again. Still it said the port was closed I'm 90% sure I did the port forward right. So i dont know why it still says its closed
  6. If you can't manage to open port (due to ISP restrictions or not being able to resolve this issue) you can still install Ngrok on the system that runs the server, launch it in command line and type "ngrok tcp <port>" and it will prompt a new window with a domain that everyone can use to connect to your localhost (you can still use localhost:<port> and have 0 latency, but there will be high ping for others definitely would only suggest for a server to play with your friends).
  7. I'll see if it works, just sucks that it won't work normally
  8. Connecting through your proxy port is the normal.. every server running a proxy uses the proxy IP: Port for their domain scope and just uses priorities for their hubs / lobbies