Can't copy command block with nbt on a server

Discussion in 'Spigot Help' started by Nayko93, Sep 16, 2020 at 7:12 PM.

  1. hi

    I've got a problem and judging by some thread I read , I'm not the only one but nobody ever propose a solution for it ...

    so here the problem , when I'm on a spigot or bukkit server , and I hold ctrl and clic on a command block to copy it with the command in it , I got a "nbt command bloc" , but when I place the bloc , the command block is empty

    I've read it's because of a security problem for server , so people can't do it if they are not allowed to

    but why I , the OP administrator of the server , can't do it ?

    seriously ? why not simply let people decide if they want this security breach or not ?

    and the weird part is 7 years ago I remember having a bukkit server and being able to copy nbt command block , so what changed ??
    is there a plugin to solve this mess ? something to edit in the jar files ? anything to solve this please ?
  2. ? I never had an issue with that. Try setting up a new server with complete default configs and no plugins, then turn on allowCommandblocks, give yourself /op and check if you can copy the cmd. If you can its one of your plugins, if you cant, wtf server version are you using xD or maybe its your computer? Have you tried copying a chest or something?