Can't find a plugin that does this. Does anyone know one? (Details in description)

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  1. I'm trying to find a plugin that can use redstone activators (buttons, levers etc.) to activate player only commands. This is better explained through an example. So for example, a player shoots a button and without redstone it teleports that player and only that player to another location. Or same thing but you pull a lever and without redstone it gives that player a potion effect. Thanks!

    Edit: I don't want to use command blocks because I don't want it to be nearest player or score based in anyway. I want it to be based of the player who did the activation and them only.
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  2. command blocks?
  3. Command blocks are wildly inconsistent for what i'm going for. I want it to be the exact player that did the action not the closest person to the command block or a person with a certain score.
  4. Do you have skript?
    I can make this in skript for you, if you want.
  5. What is skript and where can I get it?
  6. @lilbud Skript is an "addon" plugin. It basically adds support to your server for another set of code, of which, opens up more opportunities for Skript-created plugins. You can find Skript below, and all the plugins written for Skript. Many people have their own opinions over Skript, but I wont say anything, as I dont use it myself. Hope this helped

    Skript (GitHub)-
    Plugins for Skript-
  7. Tahn
    Thank you! I'll look into it!
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  8. I recommend ServerSigns instead. It allows you to run a command when a player clicks any specific block of your choice.