Can't find out what's causing lags in Nether

Discussion in 'Spigot Help' started by Gerolf, Nov 12, 2017.

  1. My Nether is lagging time to time and I can't find out why.
    It lags like there's a big redstone circuit, but RedStoneClockDetector finds only some small clocks that can't cause such load... And I can't understand why chunk unload has so heavy impact on performance....

  2. This is no joke. I have same exact issue with the lag on my server, and I cannot find out why it's happening. The developers of spigot should look into this as I'm running an SSD, INTEL I7 8 core @3.6Ghz, and DDR4 RAM, and at idle, my server is overloaded.
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  3. Shadowpauler, thanks for your interest for this problem. I still got this lags from time to time. If lags come from pigman i just run /kill @e[type=zombie_pigman], but sometimes lags in the Nether are coming from "chunk unload" "do tick pending", if someone goes thru nether portal in usually removes that lag immediately.
  4. Me, I used V2 timings, and React, and they both tell me everything separately us responding in 0ms, except for the nether and End worlds. I highly think this is bug, and should be dealt with. It's cause a massive CPU leak on my server.
  5. Did you try this on a new host yet? Because i think you said you had was perhaps the issue. (based on other thread)
  6. Yes, I put it back on my gaming PC. It's all good now. I just don't have the best internet in the world, but it does respond in less than 1ms and bootup in less than 15 seconds with 130 plugins. I just wish I had better internet 0.0
  7. It happened again. Luckily I was measuring load just minutes before lag starts. here's normal load

    And here's some weird lag from Pigman in Nether and despite their quantity is roughly the same as in first timings they lag like hell.

    Interesting thing that less than a minute after I took timings with lag, everything returned back to normal. I guess someone teleported thru portal to Nether.
  8. maybe this is somehow related to spigot.yml config:

    tile: 1000
    entity: 1000