Can't get death messages working again.

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  1. A long time ago i turned off death messages. Today my players wanted them back so I went into essentials and turned it to true.

    Restarted the server and it did not work. I wonder if any other plugins are preventing this. I have checked a bunch of plugins and i cant figure this out...

    Here is my plugin list.

    Plugins (37): CoreProtect, LinksOnSigns, PlayerHeads, WorldEdit, ChristianChat, FishChecker, Essentials, ChunkSpawnerLimiter, AdminChat, AutoMessage, CrackShot, SurvivalGames, WorldBorder, Trading, HeapDump, Votifier, Multiverse-Core, WorldGuard, DiamondHunter, RewardVoting, EssentialsChat, PermissionsEx, Tadukoo_Bible, mcMMO, ParticleGUI, HorseKeep, Vault, ColoredAnvils, GriefPrevention, PlayerParticles, EssentialsSpawn, afkTerminator, ChestShop, Towny, SilkSpawners, Mobcash, CraftBay
  2. Turn off your server then try to set the value or do /essentials reload. Other then that it can possibly be ChristianChat or AdminChat possibly? I'm just taking a guess though as those have to deal with chat but unfamiliar with them both so I couldn't say for sure.
  3. Post your Essentials configuration? It's likely just a # symbol either missing or excessively marked.
  4. I reset the essentials config and it did not allow death messages still. AdminChat just allows a chat channel for staff. Christian Chat just have chat clear and curse blocker.
  5. /gamerule ShowDeathMessages false
  6. /gamerule ShowDeathMessages true

    He wants them enabled. :p

  7. So you noticed... I do these things often to make sure people are awake! :D
  8. Tried the command, didnt fix the problem o_O what the hell did i do... It must be due to another plugin...
  9. Check the WorldGuard config to see if death messages are disabled.
  10. You just made my day.
    Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!
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  11. Haha, that's great to know! Good to hear it is fixed.
  12. Yup... :p