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  1. Hello,
    i'm currently having some difficultys with my Server. I can't login to PuTTY and/or FTP/WinSCP with a user I created, it just disconnects me in WinSCP and in Fillezilla it says connection refused... But the weird thing is that I still can login with Root?? o_O Help somebody!
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  2. login in SSH with the root account and type passwd (user) and then enter the pass what you want
  3. The user already has a password
  4. what OS are you running?
  5. Ubuntu
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  6. there are a lot of versions of ubuntu =/ but it has always the same commands
  7. cut -d: -f1 /etc/passwd that is an command to see wich users are in your server
  8. I don't want to see them, I want to know why I can't login...
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  9. With your new user, did you use the "useradd" command? If so, you should delete the user you created and try using "adduser" instead.
  10. it does actually almost the same
  11. If I remember correctly, one doesn't create the necessary user files.
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  12. it depends on wich OS like on CentOS it will create the neccessary files but on ubuntu has 2 different commands
  13. Make sure you're running port 22.
  14. Change for safety always the SSH port
  15. Which ftp server are you running
  16. FTP Client*?
  17. Server, as i wrote
  18. i thnk that he is using SFTP (SSH FTP)
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  19. I rest my case. Sry
  20. What do you mean you rest your case? Jesseke55 said and you agreed it's the client we're talking about.
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