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  1. Hello,
    I am currently working on a OP PRISON SERVER and i have made my kits overpowered. When i try to mine with any op pickaxe, it seems to lag and my character can not really move. I am currently on the latest spigot version.
    (Console says its outdated but there's no new version)

    Also, whenever i go in fly mode, the console gets spammed for me flying.

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  2. It's seems that you have some problems with plugins.
  3. For flying or mining? Because they both do it even as being opped. I try to mine i cant move my character and my screen gets all weird.
  4. Plugin list and make our life more easy
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  6. The fly spamming, can be NoFlyZone. The block issue can be your mines plugin. Remove them 1 by 1 and test the block breaking. (Obviously take a copy of the plugins)
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  8. It can not be my mines plugin because before i purchased it, i would make a little mine (5x5) and mine with the pickaxe's and it would still do it.
  9. Thank you both. The console is not being spammed anymore after removing noflyzone :D But i still can not mine..
    (it doesn't show anything on console)
    Would you guys like a video so you know what i am speaking about??
  10. So i found my issue. It seems that "AutoSell" has the items to inventory feature and that is my issue.. Unfortunate i need this plugin to sell items because i can not seem to find any other plugin like it. Does anyone know any like it?
  11. well just use essential plugin it has /sell all
  12. When did you purchase VKAutoPickup, MineBomb and TokenEnchant?? I don't see you on the buyers list.
  13. Looks like it's the same for Featherboard.
  14. I have 2 accounts. One in which i purchase, and this one which i use for help..etc.
    I do this because I've had my spigot account hacked before and lost everything. I can use my other account if needed. Or i can proof I have purchased them via discord.
  15. You aren't allowed to have multiple accounts as by rule 11 of the Spigot forums: