Cant Place Blocks But Can Break

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  1. I installed factions fly and a couple of other plugins then I restarted and no one can break blocks I soon then removed the plugins I just installed people still cant break blocks I am very confused When you try to placed a block it doesnt say anything. (as op I can place blocks and break them but I tried giving my alt * permission and cant place blocks)
    Things it is not:
    - I dont have essentials antibuild
    - Dont have essentials protect
    - I removed the plugins I installed
    - I have skripts I have tried disabling it didnt work
    - It is not spawn protect
    - it is not worldguard
    - is it not factions
    - (In group manager all ranks have build: to true)
    (Also no errors show up in console or logs, thats where I am most confused)
    please help me thanks
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  2. Need this too ^^^^
  3. Isolate the issue by removing the plugins in groups until you find the plugin causing it and report it to the developer.
  4. In your "/<spigot directory>/", try to set "spawn-protection=0"
  5. Could we have a list of your plugins? I believe there is a plugin event that prevents you from placing blocks.
  6. Did you check spawn protection in Only OP can break blocks in the protected radius.
  7. You literally have to search "Block Protect plugin for minecraft" on google and find a bunch of stuff :/ example:
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  8. I'd temporarily remove group manager, and test it that way. I'd unload plugins one by one until you figure out which one it is. What all plugins do you have loaded up? Do you have any other anti grief plugins or anything?
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