Can't PvP / Can't craft certain items

Discussion in 'Spigot Help' started by 0Boing0, Jul 31, 2018.

  1. Hey all,

    I'm running a factions server (spigot 1.8) with a multitude of plugins (49 to be exact.) With forwards compatability with viaversion. I'm running into an issue with crafting certain items, (List below)

    So far, these are the items:
    - Ladders
    - Torches (charcoal & Coal)
    - God Apples
    - Fishing Poles
    (possibly more... will update as we find more.)
    Error Mesage in-game: "You are not permitted to craft (item)!" in &c color code.

    Weird thing is; we took the whole server and loaded it onto a local machine to remove plugins one by one.. without ever removing a plugin, you could suddenly craft these items without an issue. That's with every file the server has being moved over and not changed, only the hosting location. This makes zero sense to me.
    I've been through every config trying to figure out what "black-list" we have enabled and can't find ANYTHING.

    You can also craft these items with the '*' permission or OP.

    Any help at all would be awesome! Been looking into it for two days now and I'm done, someone's gunna have to help me please :3



    For some reason me and my fellow owner can't hurt people or pvp. We've tried everything, doesn't matter what group we're in, we can only pvp if we're OP or owner rank. No error message or deny messages. Criticals appear, but no damage is done. We can be hurt, but not hurt people. Any help at all on this would be great.

    - Thanks!