Can't seem to ban a player!

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  1. Really hoping someone can help me with this problem I am having, I'm running a bungee server with lobby skywars ect... I have a player that keeps joining and terrorising my servers, he changes his username and uuid to players already on the server including myself, thankfully he keeps misspelling my username so is unable to get op permission and do any serious damage, I've banned the usernames he's used and ip address he originally joined with but now he's joining with and different ports each time, how do I stop this guy/girl they are causing nothing but problems, not really what I want when trying to promote a new server, users won't stick around if things keep getting messed up, any help with be great, I'm reasonably new to a larger scale server so I'm sorry if it's a simple fix,

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  2. Are you sure did you do /banip <IP>
  3. my guess he did as you can see the player keeps joining to your server used VPN, and @Op used offline mode server

    Do you have any login authentication for players when they join so they can't access your account and you're using what kind of server ?

    BungeeCord Server or only Bukkit / Spigot / Vanilla Server.
  4. Add there IP to your firewall and get vpn blocker! No Player can join thru local host, it just doesn't work that way.
  5. He could get the /register and /login plugin.
  6. well if he's given the register and / or login Spigot / Bukkit plugin message and if they used any command it would be blocked depends on the login plugin he used, but if they're using the bungeecord commands and not blocking it with plugin itself then they could use op's account then go to other server using /server <serverName>
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  7. Yes, I blocked all ip addresses used and he is now using my local (showing on the console, ip banning and name banning doesn't seem to be working for this player as he can change both to whatever he likes, That includes the UUID
  8. Read what I've said and put informations about your server, you don't have to waste your time blocking all IP's of that player if he is using VPN he / she will use new ip over and over again.
  9. I'm using bungee with spigot 1.9.2, doing a little bit of research with his original username "westlyroots" he's popped up on a few servers and recently downloaded some sort of hack client that gives you owner names and allows you to change yours to that, as for authentication... I don't have anything that makes you register or sign in on join if that's what you mean?
  10. your server is in offline mode or cracked right ?
  11. All Spigot is set to offline mode, Bungee is set to online mode
  12. use the plugin AuthMe so they won't have access at your account and its not hack client they can just access your account because there's no authentication plugin like what you've said.
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  13. Tried this, hoping it will stop it, he normally doesn't come on till about 3am UK time, so I'll see if it stops him.
  14. I will try this, thanks very much, you've been very helpful, I will post results once I know all is fine, hopfully any others with similar problems can also be helped by this thread, thanks again everyone
  15. not a problem.
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  16. In other words, he is sshing into your server/computer? Well allowing that without ssh or password is just plain dumb. Who have you gave access too recently with your login name for your server/computer? If they have root access, delete everything and start over :)
  17. didn't said that it was the thing he have to do, there's a lot of thing to do aside from this sorry for not telling you that it's only a Suggestion I thought you understand my bad.
  18. If the player is accessing local host/ He needs more than a silly plugin. If he is inside the network loop, he has root access to the server and it's not just a Minecraft issue, nor will any plugin fix it.
  19. if it is we don't really sure if that's the case just wait for the result to came.
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