Can't use bungeecord, have no idea what im doing!!

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  1. Yesterday I attemped to install bungeecord yesterday for 4 hours, but couldn't figure out how to do it. I use Nitrous-Networks as my server-provider, i was wondering if anyone could add me on skype/reply to this to guide me through what I do. I looked at the page that tells you how to install it, but I don't understand it one bit

    - my skype is louiemorris199

    Thanks if you can help
  2. I looked at
    But when I create a folder in the directory called 'jar', and upload bungeecord.jar into it, I start and stop the server, and nothing happens. The console says: Log file was missing or has not been populated correctly. Please restart your server.
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    What control panel are you using (Multicraft, McMyAdmin)?
  4. NitroPanel? Idk
  5. I have made progress, I renamed the bungeecord.jar to "minecraft_server.jar" and it created the config.yml, etc. I have edited the config.yml, but now the server won't start
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    Hmm I'm not sure about this panel. Have you tried contacting the host about it?
  7. Yep. They told me this:

    Install this into your Bungee servers plugins folder:

    Then uploading this to all your other servers plugin folders:

    Instructions for making portals are on this page:

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  8. Do you have a server from them that runs the bunggecord.jar not minecraft, but bungeecord?