Can't use placeholders in scoreboard.

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  1. Please help, i'm using Scoreboard-revision and placeholders don't work. I have done the /papi ecloud download player/server/essentials & more. I have also downloaded the placeholders and loaded them into placeholderapi
  2. What placeholders are you tryna load?
    (From what plugin)

    Honestly, that plugin your using doesn't seem to be as great as it says it is.

    Give me a server version too.
    Plugins don't just work with any version.
  3. I'm tryna load KitPvP Placeholder, specifically kdr & kills. Server version 1.8.8
  4. ofc I know it's an expansion, but without the plugin what's the use of the expansion.
  5. I only got it for a scoreboard...
  6. For these placeholders to work you obviously need:
    - the plugin you're trying to get the placeholder from
    - to have put the placeholder into your scoreboard
    - to have the extension downloaded and have papi reloaded
    - make sure the placeholder's plugin actually works and have these stats available

    Have you done all of this yourself?
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  7. Uhm, i'm sorry for not thinking and taking a deep search for this. I didn't know that I needed a plugin.
    I will update you if it worked or if it didn't
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  8. It works... kinda

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  9. Use quickboard,
    you require a plugin for expansions to be available, expansions are "extras" for the plugin, without the main plugin, extras are useless.
  10. Nope, not working with quickboard
  11. what is not working ? the placeholder is not showing/doesn't show the right text/value ?
  12. My Quickboard works fine, as long as it's set up properly it should work ok.
    What's the matter?
  13. The scoreboard is not showing?
    The PlaceHolder is not showing?
    What exactly is not showing?

    If it's the scoreboard:
    Quickboard's config has something to let you set which worlds should show, this must be case-sensitive as to the world names provided by any world plugin (Multiverse, etc.)
  14. Nah, I only use world. Nothing else.
  15. Any errors/logs?

    Show the config.yml of QuickBoard while at it.
  16. title:
    - '&6&lCursed &e&lThursdays #&f&l1'
    - '&7&m------------------------'
    - '&6&lKills'
    - '&e&lYour kills:&f %killstats_kills%'
    - '&e&lKilling Place:&f %killstats_killrank%'
    - ''
    - '&6&lKDR'
    - '&e&lYour KDR:&f %killstats_kdr%'
    - '&e&lKDR Place:&f %killstats_kdrrank%'
    - ''
    - '&6&lPing'
    - '&e&lYour Help:&f %player_ping%ms'
    - ''
    - '&b&lSponsored by&6&l InvadedLands'
    - '&7&m------------------------'
    title: 2
    text: 5
    - world
    - Lobby
    - ''
    interval: 60
    text: 'no perms'
    width: 26
    spaceBetween: 6
    update: 1