Spigot Captcha anti bot 1.0

No more bots!!

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    Captcha anti bot - No more bots!!

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  2. How exactly will this protect your server from bots?

    Guess you'll need counters, more captchas etc.

    Best of luck
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    on join bot send something and whend the bot send something kick the bot and say you need to clic the yellow glass and is goin to add 1 to a variable with the bot name bot join 3 times more and whend the variable is 3 ban the bot and remove the variable and if you have a host server is not goin to lag or something if you have a server in your computer is goin to lag alittle. if you put to true disable join message the join message whend someones join is not goin to be show. and for the new players on the server is goin to show a chest with 9 yellow glass and if you clic the glass is not goin to kick you, else is goin to kick you but tell you to clic the yellow glass. or in the skript you can set on the options to every one who join need to make the captcha.
    bot cant clic the glass
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