Capture land

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  1. Hello
    I dont know of this is the good place to askthis question but here i go

    I am looking for a plugin that you can capture and conquer land. I have a kingdom server with no land claim plugin or some kingdom plugin. I just use pex and owncommand plugin. But i have my world with 6 kingdoms and my idea is to make 6-8 islands outside the world(so i expend it) that the kingdoms can claim en conquer from each other. So there own kd land is safe and never can be captured but only the islands they can capture from each other. And maybe something that they first have to buy a banner and with that banner they can take there first island. But most off al i need a plugin for the islands to capture and fight to each other and if a island is capture everyone can build on it so non protection i only look for a way to capture it and steal it from each other.