Spigot Carbon 1.8

Adds future Minecraft content to older Spigot versions. (Spigot 1.7 ~> Spigot 1.8)

  1. I just tested it and you can so ... when you don't know...
  2. Oh, I'm terribly sorry. I read this question late at night so I misread it. To an extent you can switch back to 1.7 with Carbon, but it's really not recommended. Data is data, but Spigot 1.8 has had a lot of updates and changes, so I can't support any issues that would arise with rolling back. (Like if blocks stopped working as they should, or your biomes don't carry over, or the seed is messed up, or anything similar.)

    Carbon was a crutch to help people update their servers to 1.8 while waiting for the real thing, so I can't recommend it for production use anymore.
  3. Yup i know.
  4. best plugin idea ever
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  5. 1.9 Hype!!!
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  6. We got 1.9 snapshot clients to join the Spigot 1.8.8 server! New blocks are showing up nicely. Inventory is messed up and slots are not fixed yet, but this is just the beginning.
  7. Don't get too indepth with game changes yet because they might still make changes to the snapshots.
  8. Once we get the basic foundation going, it'll be easy to implement the changes as 1.8.8 isn't changing. The only difficult part about this is deobfuscating every snapshot.
  9. I love the smell of progress at night!

  10. Even more progress:


    We've managed to add all the blocks, the new food items, shovels turning dirt into grass paths, and most importantly:


  11. I Want to make a server on the 1.9 snapshot, Could you put this up for download :)
  12. It's not ready yet, otherwise I'd post an update. There's still a lot of work to do.
  13. Do you have a estimated time?
  14. No, until mojang releases 1.9, it is constantly work in progress.
  15. That's amazing! Good job :)
  16. Well, You got all the items working right now on 1.8 from the 1.9 snapshot, right? Why not release a dev build of carbon now? Yes it may be a bit buggy but at least some of the blocks will work on a 1.8 server,

    Come on man <3
  17. Because right now you can easily ruin your world doing that.
  18. I Want to make a fresh server on the 1.9 snapshot with plugins ;) If my world gets ruined i will try to fix it (also i will make backups everyday) Come on :) ? Dev Build please?
  19. Here you go; https://github.com/NavidK0/Carbon-2