Spigot Cardinal [Paid] 1.2

The key to create your custom RPG world

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    Cardinal | Early Access - The key to create your custom RPG world.

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  2. Nice name *cough* SAO *cough*. xD
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  3. I think that's literally because this plugin is supposed to be an SAO plugin while being able to used as an alternative for other rpg servers..
    And I would give all my money to have this plugin right now but my paypal is empty lol
  4. Wow thanks for telling me that, I really never knew that. Where would I be right now without your insight and knowledge.... I was being sarcastic you goat.
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  5. I know, sometimes I just like to point out the obvious
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  6. Is the price going to rise drasticly soon or was I stupid buying this so early? =P
  7. It will this evening...
  8. What's the likeliness of getting a built in user database for this aside from using mysql? I'm running my test server off my computer to get this ready for release but it's kind of hard to use this if it requires mysql and I don't wanna pay for a mysql server just to test and set up one plugin.
  9. I don't think Cardinal will offer a build in database since I depend on the cross-platform communication which MySQL can handle better than a build in database. (That maybe changes in the future)
    If you need a MySQL-Server for testing you can use https://www.db4free.net .
  10. Will you ever update (or downdate) this plugin to support 1.7.10 / 1.8 / 1.9? Especially Spigot build 1649. Cause this is a cool plugin and all but seriously, half the MC community thinks that 1.9 and 1.10 were the worst updates of all times, and the only thing remotely decent was the dual wielding. Which they ruined by removing blocking entirely and they added some stupid click speed buffer.

    Asking cause I run an SAO server. 1.7 - 1.8 spigot 1649. Alpha testing and something like this would be super helpful.
  11. Probably, but it's not my #1 priority atm.
  12. Idk what he's talking about, I really like 1.9+, the old combat system was hellah spammy, you just gotta try it to like it.
  13. Well, this plugin overrides the combat system... It's like the pre 1.9 combat system