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Discussion in 'Resource Discussion' started by Meldiron, May 14, 2016.

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    MelRoulette - Roulette in GUI in MC

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  2. Can we change language ?
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  3. @morsay07

    Hi.. Sorry for being inactive, i didnt know about this section xD

    No, for now you arent able to change language..
    But every buyer has right to ask for some update. So if you buy plugin and you ask for adding String file, i will do it for you :)
  4. I'm expecting errors in this since I'm not using the recommended version, both jar and minecraft version wise. However, I would like to point out the errors I have just to see if anyone else is experiencing this in 1.9.

    - You can remove the items in the GUI with a simple click. Because of this, I cannot place bets, get money, etc.

    I'll post more issues as soon as I come across them.

    UPDATE: Okay, so the only real issue is the one I left above when comparing 1.0.3 to the latest version in 1.10 Spigot. 1.0.3 does work on 1.10, btw.
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  5. Which version of plugin did you use?
  6. I used 1.0.4.

    1.0.4: Can remove items from GUI, Roulette unplayable.
    1.0.3: Everything works perfectly.
  7. Newest version is glitchy, im working on fix.
  8. if you put this plugin compatibility with 1.10.2 i will buy. This plugin is render, right?
  9. Any chance of having a cap to how much a player could bet in config?
  10. This plugin work to 1.10.2? if work i will buy.
  11. You should use UUIDs instead of Playernames in the playerBalance.yml.
  12. Hello, you can add config for translation?
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  14. You have to have some plugin that use Vault, for example Essentials, Craftconomy or anything like that.