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  1. Of course, this is completely understandable. Keep an eye on the plugin for when the new version's out!
  2. Soon, I just finished recoding Emailer. Giveaways will most likely be next, then XCrates and then this one.
  3. I am confused here. People have paid for this premium plugin... then it stops working because you are recoding it... this was months ago and no update at all... yet, it is still for sale? What is going on here?
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  4. It's stated in the description that it won't work as expected yet. I've been busy lately and hadn't had time to update it.
  5. You have taken money from people. You don't have the luxury of saying "I haven't had time" - MAKE TIME! How dare you charge people for something, then leave them without a working version.

    SpigotMC should remove you from this site for fraud.

    Get this fixed IMMEDIATELY.
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  6. Huh? How exactly is it my issue that people don't bother reading the plugin description to realize the plugin is under a recode? People should read and know exactly what they're buying. The plugin was abandoned, and I decided to update it, I haven't had time to do it, and I've left it half-finished. There isn't much more to say...
  7. I think your response here says a lot about you.

    So, you are saying that it is not your issue of someone gives you money and expects to have a working plugin? Maybe someone thinks you are actually like most of the coders on this site – honest, hard-working, fair, decent, etc.

    It is only after a purchase that they see you are too lazy and dishonest to actually bother giving them something for the cash they have given you.

    Answer these questions:

    1) I take it you are happy to give a refund, if someone purchases, and THEN notices they are not actually getting anything for their money?

    2) You say you took over an abandoned plugin. From the time you took it over until now, was your version EVER working? Did anyone pay you money for a “working version” of this plugin at any point?

    If so, you have now left them in the lurch, without a working version, right?

    3) You have already been “recoding” for a couple of months now, and by your own admission, you just don’t have “time” to work on this. How much longer should people wait before they get a working version from you?

    Please answer all these questions/points immediately. Do not miss any out.
  8. I'll answer all of your questions. For starters, people should NOT expect that this is a working plugin. I said this before, and I'll say it again: it is clearly stated that this plugin does NOT work as it's supposed to in its current state. I just made it even clearer because people do not bother reading, apparently.

    1) When people falsely buy this plugin and ask me for a refund, I return their money. I generally have a no-refunds policy, as stated in the plugin page, but I don't mind making exceptions.

    2) I actually paid money to take over this plugin. It was abandoned, and the buyers were not getting any updates. I thought it was a good opportunity for me to update it and make it professional, like most of my other premium plugins. I started coding a new version, from scratch, and stopped due to lack of time. This version is incomplete, but again, this is stated many times. There are still the files from the previous developer in the "Version History" section, which people can also get.

    3) I don't have a definite answer to this question. Lots of things are happening in my life currently and maybe I won't be able to recode it any time soon. Keep an eye on the updates section, and you'll get informed about future announcements.
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  9. When is the recode happening?
  10. No idea... I think it'll take quite some time, sorry.
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