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Discussion in 'Community Feedback and Suggestions' started by Fearmig, May 20, 2015.

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  1. I just thought that it may be a good idea to categorize (or give the option to filter) the Premium Resources down even more than what they currently are. So for example some looking for a mini-game plugin inside the premium section there would be an option to filter down to just the mini-games and wouldn't have to sort through everyone just to pick out mini games. It seems this is done already with the other types of resources. Why not do it for premium in order to have a easier way to find the plugin that you actually want/need out of that large list resources available.

    It just seems now that with the premium resources library getting larger and larger it would make since to implement something like this. That and also the search option just doesn't seem to work that well (but that could just be user error :p)
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    Is making subcategories inside of subcategories something supported by the XenForo Resource Manager?
    Assuming they use their own resource manager I would say yes

    and below is from which points further to yes being the answer. Granted though, I have not used it before myself so I could not say 100%
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  4. edited my post and thread title now that i see what I am explaining is already done with some of the other groups like Bungee and Bukkit.
  5. Good idea! We need a section just for Crate plugins.
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  6. I think it would be a great idea because there are already many Premium Plugins and so difficult to search
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  7. UP ! That's a good idea !
  8. So nothing negative in reference to this so far. What does the staff think?
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  9. I know its about a month old but never got any closure on this one. Is it something being thought about or just not on the table right now?
  10. @md_5 what do you think about bringing this in? I mean bungee has sub categories and has half the amount of resources, seems to just make since to give this to the premium category too.
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    We will not be implementing this at this stage.
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