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  1. I am trying to listen to the PlayerFishEvent, in order to prevent the player to get fish and treasures (like books and other items). However, cancelling the event all in is not a solution (players won't be able to damage/pull each other with hooks/fishing rods). Any solutions? Just fish and treasures, not other entities such as pigs and mobs.

    Actually I'm pretty sure the State.CAUGHT_FISH is called when a treasure is called so yeye
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  2. Basically you can check the state of the fish event and cancel it if your required state has been passed.
    Example for "BITE"

    Code (Text):

    public void fishEvent(PlayerFishEvent e){
        if(e.getState() == PlayerFishEvent.State.BITE){
    A list of available State 's is here
  3. I don't know, if this works, i haven't tryed it yet:
    Code (Text):

    Entity entity = event.getCaught();
    if (entity instanceof Item) {
  4. I am aware, but a treasure doesn't bite? I'm talking about items like enchanted books and swords (treasures) u get. There's no way to check if it it is a treasure.