Cauldron Conflict? java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException

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  1. Hello,

    I run a multi-server network using Bungee and a vanilla hub alongside 6 modded servers. Upon trying to update to the newest Modpack versions of Direwolf, Infinity, and Resonant Rise we have run into an issue preventing players to connect to servers via the bungee.

    I am unsure of the conflict, my only thought is a possible conflict with cauldron, which was updated as forge required it. Cauldron 1388 from

    I tested to see if players could join without being connected to the bungee, so i disconnected from bungee, and we could connect. Any insight on the issue would be great!

    Bungee error:
    Server Console: resonant rise 3 - project flux :
  2. There is some issue with "autosaveworld".
  3. That's not the issue. I disabled it and still get the same issue.