Spigot Cauldrons 1.1

Add some extra functionalities to cauldrons

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    Cauldrons - Add some extra functionalities to cauldrons

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  2. A very nice plugin with great effect. I'd rather get PODZOL out than Dirt, what do you have to enter for that?
  3. :unsure:Right now it only supports the materials listed here. I'll add subids asap ;)
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    Config opening action

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  5. Just a query, when do /cauldrons reload don't reload have to restart server to get change
  6. Bump: @deantonious

    Im still looking forward for that subID update :D
    If you cant make it, can you share the sourcecode so i can have it updated? This plugin really has potential, its a shame to see it parked here, in this state :D If a cup of coffee or whatever a little donation will serve you is whats needed to motivate you, im not scared away by that either.. Just saying.. :)

    Have a great day
    - Digi
  7. Bump? :) Offer still stands :)