Spigot CCrates 1.1.3

Simple, versatile crate plugin

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    CCrates - Simple, versatile crate plugin

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  2. This was just a simple plugin I've worked on, but for one, it's free!
  3. Ty for the awesome plugin I spent over $20 in plugins for vote crate plugins and they are hard to config I find this one and its free and easier! Tyvm
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  4. May I ask though is it possible to make a money command? if so plz tell me how
  5. SimpleCrates can do this, PM Me or email me if you'd like to use my first time free services thread in my signature to help you set it up =)
  6. Seeing that people actually care about my plugins, I'll update this one to make it easier to setup and whatnot.
    To add commands, use this format: custom:<PERCENT CHANCE>% command:<COMMAND> title:<NAME IN PREVIEW>
    eg. custom:20% command:eco give @p 200 title:&6$200
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    Moar features

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  8. Dude just because i can get this one and its not popular ima use dis one on my server no other :D
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    Features and Bugfixes

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  10. Hey this looks like a really cool resource. Is this 1.8.3 compatible?
  11. I haven't tested it on 1.8.3, but there's no reason it shouldn't work.
  12. It seems to be working. Thanks for creating such a beautiful plugin!
  13. @Avixk
    Could you post an example Config? And also, do the chances have to add up to 100 or can they be more or less?
  14. The default config has an example in it, and for NOW the chances MUST add up to 100 or strange things will happen. But in the future I will fix this! :D
  15. No I mean I haven't downloaded the plugin yet, and I'd like to see the Config. Could you post the default one please?
  16. Hi Avixk,
    What would the command be to allow a player to have a 20% chance of receiving a different type of crate key?