Centos 6.5 or Centos 7?

Discussion in 'Systems Administration' started by Lubenica, Oct 28, 2014.

  1. I'm thinking about doing a global restart on my server and with it I am planning to reinstall my machine. Currently I am running Centos 6.5 and have some performance issues. My main box has an E3-1225v2 CPU and it looks like Minecraft server is better running on my second box with an i5-2400 (I got higher TPS with the same configurations). I have setup software raid on my E3 box, can this impact the server performance on a bad way?
    So is there any performance improvements with Centos 7? (tho I don't expect any)
    Is there a big difference in performance between MariaDB and MySQL?
    Many thanks!
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    7 because newer updates come with newer security.
    Thats what I'd say anyways.
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  3. Thanks for the answers! Any idea on the performance issues/questions?
  4. There shouldn't be much difference. Which Java do you use? It probably matters more than the underlying OS. As for MariaDB vs MySQL, I'm not sure, but you'll have to use a LOT of database stuff for it to matter. MariaDB is a fork of MySQL much like LibreOffice is a fork of OpenOffice.
  5. I use Java 8.
  6. CentOS 6.X is usually more bug free because it's been stabilized, CentOS 7 has new features (some of which are security) which cause bugs, I've personally noticed issues with CPU usage with it when doing parallel processing, but it is worth trying it out for yourself :)
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    I would recommend CentOS 6.5, at least until there are a few revisions of 7.
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  8. Thanks to everyone for the tips! I will install Centos 6.5.
    Can anyone answer the questions regarding the performance? (raid)
    Thanks :)
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    7 if you don't want to have a deprecated version soon you will have to reinstall anyway
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    CentOS 6.6 was also just released yesterday I believe. If you have 6.5 you can run 'yum update' to get the changes. I used to use CentOS 7, but switched back to 6.5 after I noticed that a lot of the software that I used wouldn't work at all with 7.
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    Mike, you beat me to it, I was about to post the same thing!
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  12. CentOS 7 is still rather buggy, and not everything works quite right with it. I'd suggest using CentOS 6.

    Yea, if you consider 2020 soon.
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  13. I tried Centos 7 but after one day of struggling I went back to 6.5. I would suggest to go with 6.5 for now 7 needs some work.
  14. Does Software RAID 1 affect somehow on the CPU usage?
  15. Software RAID 1 obviously does affect the CPU. But it is so little, that it is not to worry about.
  16. Okay, thank you!

    And thanks to all of you who gave me answers :)
  17. I am using centos 6.6 . The cpu usage is horrendous even worse than centos 7. I get killed process everyday. When I clearly have 12 gb ram left and 600% cpu usage from a server after a few hours.
  18. Centos 6.5 is what I use, works wonderfully. (I tried Centos 7, a lot of stuff wouldn't work...)
  19. That's not CentOS's issue, you fucked up somewhere.
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  20. I did nothing wrong dude. I guess I reinstall. Fail2ban is a pain to setup on centos 7 though.