Centos 6 Random Network Spikes

Discussion in 'Performance Tweaking' started by Al3xPro, Apr 30, 2013.

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    I am having these random network spikes and they are getting really close to my 100mbps cap. These are out going connection ( my box sending out data ) not receiving. Would there be a reason for this to be occurring and is there a way to fix this?

    Centos 6 64 Bit

    I sent a ticket into the host and they said this wasn't a ddos attack it was a short lived burst ( 1-2 min )

    If you need anymore information please let me know :)
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    Do you use an external SQL database?
  3. No I don't use SQL database for anything.
  4. I was thinking this too but my host said that it isn't. If you look at the weekly graph you can see that it has been happening and has been getting bigger. Also I thought ddos showed as receiving data not outgoing? Sorry just this is the first time I can see network graphs. On my old host they would just say "you have been DDOS."
  5. Is anyone downloading files from the server?

  6. I dont host any downloads from this. This box is only to host minecraft and teamspeak and i know those two wouldnt even be close to 75mbps spikes. ( minecraft server avg around 15-20 spikes around 30-40. Teamspeak around 10-20 avg )

    Thanks for the help.
  7. this is still occurring. totaling now at 80 mbps burst. this is getting really close to my 100mbps limit.
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    Have you got file sharing enabled on your TS?
    I had overlooked this when setting up my TS and have had users distribute files. It was only until my friend who runs a TS server also, that I had found out about this.
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    You don't need to worry about a 100 Mbps limit. Nothing will happen if you reach it or exceed it for a few minutes.
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  10. I have disabled file sharing. The only time i use it is when i am on and the only one sharing files.

  11. Ok just i am wanting to figure out how to fix this since it is making my players lag/lose connection when the jumps happen.
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    I would find something a little bit more specific than Dstat and try to find the source.

    If he is doing the DDOS, then yup.
    It would be the pinkish color (incoming) if it was DDOS to him.
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    Were these transfers made at the times shown on the graphs?
    However, from what the graph shows, it does look like a cron job of some sort is happening as it always 10 minutes before the hour. Do you have external backups at those times?
    Maybe backups of your server daily/weekly via FTP?
  14. The file transfers were not even close to those times. I havent installed anything or changed anything. It just randomly started to do this but i can take a look at the cron jobs. Also i havent set up/enabled any back ups. I have had this server for over a month now js.
  15. Thanks for telling me what i would see if a ddos attack were to occur
  16. It seems persistently at a certain time of day. Could it possibly be your system OS updating?
  17. Why would there be so many updates? This has been happening all of today. I am just confused why this is happening i will do some more looking around later tonight.
  18. Linux based OS are usually updated daily. I mean, most do nothing. But you know.
  19. ok. I will look at that. just i have had this server for over a month and this has just started.