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  1. I'm looking for a good quality VPS hosting near to Miami, Los Angeles or Brazil.

    Not overpriced hosting 10$ /Gb

    If you have tried them leave a comment about support and quality, it will help me a lot!

    Thanks, everyone that knows any hosting.
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  2. ExtraVM has Brazil iirc
    You're essentially going to be looking at an OVH reseller for Brazil or a RS reseller for Miami / LA
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    Nah, I got rid of Sao Paulo about two months ago, ended up deciding it wasn't worth the high cost. I moved clients from Sao Paulo to a new Miami 3700X server on ReliableSite. Latency is good (think ~100ms?) according to a few people that checked it from Brazil and it's cheaper, so they are fine with it.
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  4. Didn't see any host at bazil on ExtraVM but thanks anyways.

    I've really thought about buying a dedicated at ReliableSite but I don't know if is similar to VPS ?
    Do you recommend tried them out?

    I have been several months using a VPS host and haven't been a good time, they moved the host from MIA to QUEBEC Canadá and that hit so bad in the latency. Mind I from South America it's over 300 MS literally unplayable.
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    The only real difference between a VPS and dedicated server is that you're renting the whole physical server, on a VPS you're renting a small piece of resources on a physical server. I use ReliableSite in Miami and Los Angeles right now, no problems for me, good hardware.

    You need Miami if you want the lowest latency to South America from the US.
  6. BisectHosting have minecraft hosting in brazil, but is better miami (to mexico and america central/more cheap)
  7. Only shared hosting, not VPS.