Solved Certain tablist plugin.

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  1. Hello. I was wondering which plugin I could use to achieve this same effect. upload_2017-5-22_13-8-17.png
    I don't need the header and footer part, mostly the middle part. Thanks.
  2. You'd need a custom plugin
  3. I think this is what you are looking for, but for the placeholders you might need to work something out because I dont know if they are supported with this plugin. It does however support the PlaceholderAPI plugin so I think you should be fine.
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  4. Thanks, but that is a bungee plugin. I'm looking for a spigot one :).
    I really don't think so. Back in the day everybody had these but it seems they died out as the global tab list had gone in 1.8.
  5. Hey, thanks for finding that. That is exactly what I'm looking for! Downside is that it is made for 1.5.2. I use the 1.7.10/1.8 protocol hack and I've seen multiple servers use this with the protocol hack. Any other suggestions or am I better off asking someone to remake this?
  6. Bump. Nothing else?
  7. Update: Found multiple (Kind of outdated) plugins and updated them to latest versions and fixed them up. Solved.