Spigot Chameleon Disguise 0.2

A minimalistic disguise plugin which utilises the Chameleon API

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    Chameleon Disguise - A minimalistic disguise plugin which utilises the Chameleon API

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  2. im trying to find another way to do the command but nothing is working
    /disguise is taken by libsdisguises
  3. Nogtail


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  4. when i change my skin in the nether and end world, it puts me back into the overworld at the corresponding location to where i was at in the previous world. if i change my skin in the overworld, it works fine. the overworld is my main world, and the nether and end worlds were auto created, just fyi :) GL
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  5. Nogtail


    Thanks for reporting, it was a Chameleon bug and has been fixed in the latest version.
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  6. when i make an alias out of your command to disguise players,
    the message sent to players after disguising, saying there disguise name etc, only shows the words $var1 and $var2 instead of what they were replaced with (display name and skin name)
    can you please fix this :)
  7. i don't know if this is an issue, it doesn't seem to be but i just noticed that cdisguise is an alias in libsdisguises. but, i'm still able to type the commands fine though so prob no issue
    other then that the plugin is great,
    i just hope you can fix this to let the variables i use in aliases to actually show themselves and not just $var1 $var2 etc
    i will take a screenshot soon
  8. sorry i forgot about the screenshot i was gonna post
    are you aware of this being an issue?
  9. hmmm... i have latest spigot, protocollib, chameleon and chameleondisguise, and the skin changes are not happening at all. :S
    everything seems to be working fine, except for the skin changing on the player? :p
  10. Okay, can you get other peoples capes etc? If you disguise as another player with your skin?
  11. Nogtail


    The cape is fetched with the skin, so you could have a player with another players skin and cape, but you cannot add or change a cape without changing the skin.
  12. LoneDev


    Hello! I tried your plugin on Spigot 1.10.2 with /cdisguise dinnerbone dinnerbone but the player is not upsideddown :( i see the skin and the cape, i see the head upsided down in the tabmenu but not the player!

    Also i tried /cdisguise deadmau5 deadmau5 and ears are not shown :(

    please help! Thanks a lot, really nice dev