Solved Change brand in spigot source?

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  1. Hello all, I am making my own modifications to spigot and I want to change the brand of spigot.


    I can't find this anywhere in code. Does anyone know where this is?

  2. Im not sure if you can do that...
  3. I've seen other people do this. I've already decompiled spigot I just don't know where the class to change this is.
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    But why would you need to modifiy Spigot when you can just spoof the result by modifying the outgoing server ping packets?
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    I assume they're doing more than just changing that
  6. I am modifying spigot for my own use, I just want to change the protocol version or brand so I can differentiate two
  7. Use a plugin like serverlistplus to change it. Im guessing you saw this on hypixel and want to change it too
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    Fair enough; I don't know where Spigot modifies it, but the data is stored in the serverPing field of the MinecraftServer class. The ServerPing#ServerData class holds the protocol version and name.

    Edit: It's read from the MinecraftVersion class (the method couldn't be decompiled using my decompiler)
  9. updating server versions would require you to have to redo this wouldn't it
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