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  1. Hi,
    I've correctly setup my bungeecord network.

    However, I'd like the players who were joining the servers with seperate IPs before the bungeecord connection to know the new bungeecord IP.

    When you try to join the server's seperate IP, it says: "If you wish to use IP forwarding, please enable it in your Bungeecord config as well!"

    Can I change that message to, for example: "New IP: ###.######.####", Just so I can notify my players the new IP?

  2. you gotta extract one of the .jar files,but dont know if its allowed by BungeeCord, but there isnt a config or anything where you could change it =(
  3. ssamjh


    Ohhh, wait are people still trying to connect to your Spigot server?
    That's bad, you should use the same port as the spigot server runs on for BungeeCord and change the spigot server port.
    Allowing people to access the Spigot server means they could give themselves all the permissions on your server, and fake owners or devs.
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    Change your port of your actual spigot server and block this port via IPTables or get a spigot plugin like ipwhitelist or onlyproxyjoin.
    (Right now players can connect to your server and grief it! Just by using a local BungeeCord)

    Now, setup a spigot server with a whitelist on the old port. (where players are trying to connect)
    Set the whitelist message to your needs.
  5. Players can't join those servers though and can only access through the bungee up

    Also the IP that they use is a custom IP (not the numbered one). Can people will link it
  6. ssamjh


    If they run BungeeCord on their own pc and put the old servers IP in they will be able to get OP etc.
  7. So even though I had a custom IP (like for the sub servers they can hack it?
  8. ssamjh


    As long as they have the IP for the Spigot server, and they can ping it (or even connect to it and receive the ip forwarding message), then yes.
  9. Awh shit how do I fix it?
    So thy can use any (numbered or not) of the sub servers to connect without going through the proxy/ authentication process?
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  10. Btw I use a hosting from my hosting pro, not off of my computer or a dedicated server
  11. ssamjh


    So what IP did people use to connect to the Spigot server before you setup Bungee (blank some of the IP out bc security)
  12. H__Z.crafted.___

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    Is there any way you can forward those IPs to your BungeeCord server? You can use SRV Records (with DNS) if you want to hide the port.
  14. Forward?
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    Can you set those IP to connect people to the BungeeCord server? Or does your host control those IPs.
  16. It may also be worn mentioning that my bungeeserver is on a different hosting called shock byte
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    There is an IP whitelist plugin that would only allow your bungeecord instance to connect to the server from what I remember, Might wanna set that up to prevent access to the server.
    But, where possible, You should do as suggested and point all of your existing domain names towards the bungeecord server.

    Also, Bungeecord between two hosting companies is a bad idea because of the additional latency unless you somehow managed to pick two hosting companies all using the same datacentre, which I doubt.
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    I have an idea, not sure if it still works, but you can try using OnlyProxyJoin on all the Spigot servers. Put the number IP of your BungeeCord server (if you can't find it then just find a domain resolver online) where it says and then change the kick message to include your BungeeCord server's IP.
  19. I'm dreadfully stupid so how do I forward the ips