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    The user can't change the Spigot domains because I believe they are free subdomains of the host.

    Don't worry about that, just use this plugin I suggested. It's your easiest option.
  2. I will try it. Thanks for your time! Sub from me
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    All good. If that plugin doesn't work, I found another plugin which may do the trick. And if you have any other questions don't hesitate to contact me.
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  4. Is the only proxy plugin compatable with 1.8.8 since ts a 1.7.4 plugin
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    I'm not sure, is it not working on Spigot?
  6. You should really read the firewall guide before just blindly playing around with proxies.....
  7. I use a hosting company
  8. So?
  9. How would I change the firewall
  10. If you actually read the guide it has a section about that..........
  11. What guide...
  13. Yeah where do I find it
  14. Read the freaking guide, dude
  15. It says to use it on Linux
    I don't have Linux
    I can't do any of that with my hosting company
  16. I'm done.
  17. I sure hope you are. "Very useful" indeed
  18. You're not exactly wanting to be helped. I've told you to read the Wiki page. You clearly have not.