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  1. Dear people,
    I'm working on a resourcepack with custom 3d Models. I am going to use the resourcepack for my themepark-server where we build the populair Netherlands Themepark 'Efteling'. I learned how to make 3D models using the 'Mr. Crayfish Model Creator'. To test the models I saved it as hardened clay blocks (and other random blocks). The models al worked. Now I was looking in the 'models' folder of my resourcepack for a minecart, but I didn't find it anywhere. After I couldn't find it, I started googeling, but that hasn't result. Please help me. I want to change the models of a minecart so I can use the plugin 'TrainCarts' and 'TCHangrail'. Please help me by answer this tread. If there are other smart solutions of how I can make a rollercoaster where people can sit in my models I would really like to heard it. Please help me..

    Here are a couple screenshots compaired with the real coaster so you see where you do it for... Thank you really much!!

    2016-07-31_20.00.48.png fataboot251114.jpg 2016-07-30_19.31.59.png Efteling1808007_162.JPG

    I was thinking of a new way how I could make this. So I tried to make the following way:

    I hope you understand. The minecarts at the top are to sit. The blocks thats in the minecart comes from the 3th row. The block thats above the minecart at the top comes from the 2th row. But the problem is that i'ts not possible ( I think ). I saw the stone block didn't change to my model, but it stayed a stone. If you can help with this idea you are welcome!! :D
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  2. I don't sure, but...

    I think that you can't create a model for entity (Minecart is entity).
  3. Thanks for your comment..
    Do you are another idea maybe??
  4. Maybe with plugin like this you will be able to do it :/
  5. Or does someone maybe know how they did this:
  6. Sorry, how would this help me? :/
  7. It can create models of entities (But with regular minecraft items only) or something :rolleyes:
  8. Hey,

    I am pretty sure that you can edit entities I just don't know how because I don't use texture packs. I am pretty sure it is possible because I have seen packs with custom zombie textures and things. My plugin, MiniaturePets, would be a pretty smart alternative and would be incredibly useful for this but unfortunately at the moment there is not a way to ride your pets. Pet ride feature is coming soon. Since we don't have a pet ride option your next best bet would to google a plugin called, RideMyCraft, they have a free version and a premium version. I free version would be fine but possibly just google Rollar Coaster plugins too since I have seen a couple of those. My suggestion at the moment would be RideMyCraft.
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  9. Textures and models are different. It is quite easy to change the texture of an entity, but Meesbrandt wants to change the model, which is changing the shape.
  10. Thank you for your reply. What I mean is changing the model, not the texture. Do you mean it's possible to change the RideMyCraft plugins models or what do you mean? Ty
  11. ^^ Yes, that's what I mean :D ... Do you have any suggestions maybe?
  12. RideMyCraft will work with your models.
  13. As far as I am concerned, it does not necessarily as to be via a resource pack. If anyone has an idea how it can with a plugin, I think it is also good.

    But does it work with minecarts (Traincarts plugin) or how would this help me, sorry? ;P
  14. Don't you want a ridable cart using a 3D model?
  15. The idea is to make a rollercoaster with the plugin called Traincarts and TCHangrail. In the plugins you need minecarts that go on the rails (a rollercoaster ;P). My idea was to make a custom model for the minecart so you sit in a real rollercoaster that looks like the real in stead of you sit in a boring minecart. Do you understand? :p
  16. Yeah for that maybe try TeeMobile but RideMyCraft is still good
  17. But is it possible to change the minecart model with this plugin? 'Cause thats what is what I need.. Or another idea to make a rollercoaster with my own models..
  18. I don't know then sorry
  19. Ok, it seems you all guys don't know much about mapmaking. You can change the texture of an entity but not the model, you can only change the model from a block. So, what if you wanna change the model of a minecart? Well there are many ways, one would be putting the armorstand in the minecart mounted as a falling block, minecraft 1.9 allows multiple vehicle passengers so you'll need a simple plugin that allows you to mount the minecart even if there is already a falling block. You could have another minecart too with the falling block if you want. I'm able to do this plugin (or try) for you if you can wait some days.
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  20. RideMyCraft does this
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