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  1. I want to change a block's visual appearance, I.E. a shulker box into a wooden plank. On the server side it would be a shulker box, but on the client side, it would look like a wooden plank (similar to how orebfuscator hides it's ores). Anyone knows where to start for this?
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  3. what event would i be capturing?
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    You aren't capturing an event. You get the player you want to send a block change for and you use that method to send the fake block change.
  5. But wouldn't i need to know the location of said block? how would i get the location of the block?

    To be more specific, i need to mimic how orebfuscator works, specifically for blocks with specific metadata. If it doesn't fit the requirement, then i dont bother do a blockchange

    There doesnt seem to be an event related to a player loading a chunk.
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    If you want to understand how Orebfuscator sends block changes I'd suggest reading through their github.
  7. Looks like i am redirected once again to ProtocolLib :S
    Luckily the more i stare at the doc, the more it makes sense (ive been looking for a week, and felt frustrated lmao)

    Resolved for now.