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  1. Please Staff can you add the pseudo change just once (example test -> Aqua) change name just once.

    My best feelings.(y)
  2. Name changes are only available to donators whom donate a minimum of $10 to SpigotMC
  3. why not for free just once?
  4. Because thats not how it works. Name changes are only available to donators, its one of the perks of donating to SpigotMC (the website which provides you with free server software as well as a place to post your plugins, all for free)
  5. MiniDigger


    The only way I know of to get a name change if you are not a donor is if your name contains personal data (like your real name), then you can email support and get it changed.
  6. I think you just want to change your name without donating...

    That’s like asking a restaurant for a free meal “just once”.

    You should give reasons and logic as to why you think this should be added (and not just “I don’t want to pay”).
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  7. This is a good idea but... Spigot is offering everithing for free as @ShaneBee says, this would be unfair. (I want to change my name too, but this is how it works xD)
  8. ^^^^

    Keep in mind, we get a LOT for free as it is.
    - Free server software
    - Free wikis to help with plugin development
    - Free place to post our resources
    - Unlimited amount of updates on our resources
    - Unlimited amount of resources
    - A place to post and get help from others in the community
    - A LOT of stuff behind the scenes is hosted as well that the average person doesn't see (all for free)
    - I could go on.

    Im aware SpigotMC has a few sponsors, but throw $10 their way anyways.
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  9. The biggest thing is probably the premium resources section