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Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Development' started by Dark4ty, May 16, 2015.

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  1. How could I change the name above the head in Spigot/bukkit 1.8?
  2. Send a
    • PacketPlayOutPlayerInfo with action REMOVE_PLAYER
    • PacketPlayOutPlayerInfo with action ADD_PLAYER with a different name (perhaps through reflecting on the packet data)
    • PacketPlayOutDestroyEntity to all players except you.
    • PacketPlayOutNamedEntitySpawn to all players except you.
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  3. I got a class from another website

    but it say's 'The constructor PlayerInfoData(PacketPlayOutPlayerInfo, GameProfile, int, WorldSettings.EnumGamemode, IChatBaseComponent) is undefined' -> Line 58

    and 'The constructor PlayerInfoData(PacketPlayOutPlayerInfo, GameProfile, int, null, null) is undefined' -> Line 50

    What's wrong with my code?

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  4. I'm assuming your spigot dependency is outdated. Are you depending on 1.8.3 (note: not your server version!)
  5. Yes I do, 10 minutes ago I updated to the newest Spigot version, but it's still the same issue:( @DarkSeraphim
  6. If I understand you're question right, you want to change the player's nametag. Check out this tutorial by PogoStick29Dev.

  7. Thanks for trying to help me, but TagAPI is already outdated :/ I'm searching a way for 1.8... :)
  8. Ah well then it may be a bit more complex :D
  9. Hey, set the playerinfodata over the instance from the packet that you defined.


    Code (Text):
    PacketPlayOutPlayerInfo info = new PacketPlayOutPlayerInfo();
    setInfo(info, EnumPlayerInfoAction.ADD_PLAYER, PlayerInfoData(prof,, entity.playerInteractManager.getGameMode(), CraftChatMessage.fromString(name)[0]));
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  10. JamesJ


    TagAPI no longer works for 1.8+
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  11. Thanks dude, now it works :) !
  12. So I send the packet to all players and then when someone joins the game, do I have to send him too ?
  13. Depends. If you change their name internally (the name field in the GameProfile instance in EntityHuman), then no.
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  14. Ok thanks!But I have no clue on how to change name field in the GameProfile xD maybe you could do a tutorial or post pseudocode?
  15. If you just want to do colors/prefixes/suffixes you can use Bukkits Team/Scoreboard API
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  16. Im also wondering how to do this.
  17. Yes, I know but I'd like to have an alternative through packets.
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