Change ore spawn rates + more

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  1. Hi, I'm making a private whitelisted SMP for content creators.

    But, what I've found is that vanilla SMPs die fast (unless you have 23m subs on YouTube), so I'm trying to make it harder to progress which means MORE CONTENT!

    Basically, I want to do a few things. I want to make diamonds rarer, I want to make caves more common (maybe make diamonds in caves more common too), I want to make andesite, diorite and granite rarer. I also want to make ancient debris rarer too.

    Other things I want to do is disable villager breeding, disable OP trades (diamond armor/tools), disable villager curing abuse (only allow it once).

    I also want to somehow create a way to visit a new dimension. Maybe through a specific portal or a command. This dimension will be like the overworld but it will be using custom world gen (not decided on which plugin yet).

    all this in vanilla btw, could anyone help me out with this because I have no idea how to pull off any of this.
  2. I'm not familiar with any public plugin which allows this. It's doable by applying a BlockPopulator to the default world generator, you'll probably have to hire a developer to do this. In relation to "more caves", the developer will need knowledge about perlin worms or perlin noise if you want to generate more caves which looks natural. Adding more/less ores is relativly simple.

    There's probably a plugin out there which allows to edit trades and all that. Otherwise it should be an easy task for a private developer.

    Consider Terra, it's (apparently) very configuarable and also open source (yay (y);))

    I suppose what you mean is "without client mods". A vanilla server doesn't allow bukkit/spigot plugins :giggle:
  3. Is this difficult? Is there any reason I won't be able to do this myself?

    I'll try to search
    That's what I was planning on, but do you know if there's any sort of way to make it so that it only affects one MV world.
    yeah... a vanilla server probably wouldn't work.
  4. That depends entirely on how confident you are in java and the spigot API.
    Unless ofcourse you can find a plugin which allows such modification to the vanilla world, but I don't know any. That doesn't mean it doesn't exist though.
    Yes there is, the plugin itself likely allows this behaviour, but you can always define which worlds use a custom world generator in bukkit.yml.