Change permissions while offline

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  1. Hey I am using LuckPerms and I want to make it so when a player steps on a pressure plate or hits a button or clicks a certain npc it will change their permission group but when I try it says you do not have access to this command
  2. Your title doesn't seem related to your thread. Which question are you asking?

    How are you trying to implement the pressure plates? Are you using plugins or command blocks? What command(s) are you running? Do you have the proper credentials to manage permissions?
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  3. I agree with MSWS, your title and what you are asking are totally different. Anyways....

    So, for the title: If you want to change the permissions for a player when he is offline, you can just use the normal command

    For what you are actually asking, if you do it via CommandBlocks, it will work only if the player activating the CommandBlock is OP and is in Gamemode Creative.
    So you'll probably need another plugin for when a player clicks on a block, it executes a command like this one
  4. Another way is get whatever you want to run as Console and not the player.
    (The title would tell me better on what you want :/)
  5. it is in a command block so... you can't really lol
  6. I want to make it so when a player steps on a pressure plate it gives them a rank with luckperms
  7. Use this command: /lp user @<something i dont remember from command block> parent set <group>
  8. I tried that but I don't think command blocks support the plugin commands
  9. It should, maybe check into luck perms config and make sure command blocks are enabled in server properties
  10. Have you even read what I said ? You can't execute LuckPerms' commands through command blocks except if you are in Creative Mode and OP.
    And again, if you want to execute commands when walking on a pressure plate, try with this one or another one and then, when you are on a pressure plate, do /dc lp user %player% parent set <group>