1.16.5 Change Player Size or Morph

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Can We resize or morph a player with spigot plugins ?

  1. Yes..

  2. No..

  3. IDK..

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  1. So i was thinking whether there is a way we can morph a player into other mobs or change the player's size using spigot plugins.
    Can we only do this using mods?
    If mods is the only option can anyone say how to do so.
    i am planning to make a plugin like this video

    If we see this video they used clocks so they might have using itemstack clock and used onrightclickevent or so
    So chances are we can do so

    Thnx in advance
  2. impossible. This was created using a mod.
  3. so do know any video or any other suggestions about how to do this using mods
  4. Max you can do is using packets hide a player and make it so a certain mob appears in the player's position and with the same heading.
    (As far as I know)
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